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At panaHEALTH, our primary objective is to deliver a customized patient experience. We prioritize active listening, ensuring we grasp each patient's unique requirements and offering tailored solutions accordingly. This personalized approach not only fosters patient loyalty but also instills confidence in the quality of care they receive. Operating as a blended Contact Center, we seamlessly manage both inbound and outbound calls, maintaining constant engagement with patients throughout their healthcare journey.

Our Metrics-Driven Approach

We employ a metrics-driven approach to ensure optimal client success, focusing on the following key indicators to guarantee a superior level of patient care: 

First-Call Resolution

Our commitment to addressing patient needs promptly within each call minimizes the necessity for follow-up calls, reducing potential confusion and enhancing efficiency.

Service Level

We maintain a consistent daily call answer rate of 95% or higher, demonstrating our dedication to prioritizing patient care and responsiveness.

Contact Quality

Feedback from patients enables us to continually assess and refine our phone care practices, ensuring they align with patient preferences and needs.

Average Handling Rate

By promptly answering calls within the first ring or two, we mitigate lengthy wait times, alleviating patient frustration and promoting a sense of reassurance.

Transfer Rate

We prioritize seamless call handling by equipping our call center staff with comprehensive knowledge of all systems and programs, thereby minimizing the need for disruptive call transfers and maximizing patient satisfaction.

Contact Center Evaluation Checklist

We employ a metrics-driven approach to ensure optimal client success, focusing on the following key indicators to guarantee a superior level of patient care: 

How many calls does it typically take for our agents to resolve the customer’s problem?

How long do customers typically wait on the phone before they’re connected to an agent?

Do we consistently follow up after each interaction to gauge customer satisfaction?

Are our agents successful in supporting customers because of our existing technology, or in spite of it?

Do we currently provide customers with self-service options?

On the whole, are our customers satisfied by their call center experience?

On the whole, are our agents satisfied with their workplace experience?

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Our End-to-End Call Center Process

Our call center operations are built upon a structured framework designed to ensure efficient and effective customer interactions. This framework consists of

Our Other Healthcare Business Solutions

remote scribe (img1)

Medical Scribe

Support professionals assisting healthcare providers with real-time documentation during patient encounters.
Medical Billing (img)

Medical Billing & Coding

Our expert team manages insurance claims to ensure healthcare providers receive timely reimbursement for services rendered.
Medical Coding (img)

Information Technology

We provide comprehensive support for all your digital needs, from IT support to cybersecurity solutions.
Medical Documentaion (img)

Medical Documentaion

Creation and management of patient records, including histories, treatments, and examination results.
Revenue Cycle Management (img)

Revenue Cycle Management

Financial processes in healthcare, optimizing revenue through billing, claims processing, and payment collection while ensuring compliance.
Remote Personell (Back Office) (img)

Remote Personell (Back Office)

Staff working remotely to support administrative tasks like billing, coding, and claims processing.

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Founder and CEO


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President of Marketing


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President of Network Admin.

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