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Why panaHEALTH?

Placing the clinician-patient relationship at the forefront, panaHEALTH specializes in providing industry-leading ambient Medical billing, coding, and documentation services to the healthcare industry.




Improved Patient Care


Enhanced Efficiency


Accurate Record Keeping


Certified Medical Coders


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Medical Practice Solutions

PanaHEALTH Solutions is your top choice for Remote Scribe, Revenue Cycle Management, and Medical Documentation. Whether it’s charting, pre-authorizations, copay collections, or comprehensive services, our professional team is ready to streamline and simplify your medical practice for enhanced efficiency and improved patient experience.


Billing Services

Full Revenue Cycle Management or just a sticking point for your practice. Learn how we make RCM go more smoothly.
medical scribe

Remote Scribe

A dedicated medical Scribe that charts while you attend to patient care and charts according to your standards.

Medical Documentation

Make your documentation more efficient with Panacea's HIPAA-compliant transcription services.
Why Outsource Medical Billing Services?

Our Proven Solutions

Contact Center

Maximize customer satisfaction with our advanced contact center solution. Streamlined response times and precise call routing guarantee swift issue resolution, boosting loyalty.

Real-Time Scribes

Engage with our highly skilled remote scribes dedicated to enhancing chart accuracy, enabling practitioners to prioritize patient care over administrative tasks.

Expert Appeals Management

Our proficient team handles appeals at the highest level, liaising with insurance providers to secure timely payments for submitted claims.

Billing and Collection Processes

Streamlined monthly statement issuance to patients along with gentle reminder calls ensure efficient billing and collection operations.

Certified Medical Coders

Benefit from our accurate claim processing facilitated by our team of certified medical coders.

Virtual Assistant Support

Access our professional virtual assistants to manage administrative tasks efficiently and improve productivity.

Back Office Services

Increase your practice's efficiency with our comprehensive back office support, covering a range of administrative functions.

Managed IT Services

Ensure smooth operation and security of your IT infrastructure with our managed IT services.

No-Shows Management

Minimize Patient No-Show Rates with Our Proven Strategy and Best Practices, including Automated Reminders, Patient Behavior Analysis, and Open Access Scheduling.

How Do Medical Scribe Services Boost Revenue?
Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Cut Operations Costs by up to 45% and Increase Revenue by 30-35%

RCM Health Care Services

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